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We often forget about tire maintenance and the role it plays in improving tire life, preventing tire failure and improving fuel economy. Proper tire inflation is the foundation of tire maintenance. The simplest solution to help maintain proper air pressure is to replace the air in the tires with Nitrogen.

As a NitroFill™ dealer Longhorn Ford can replace the ordinary air in your tires with NitroFill's patented ultra high purity nitrogen. The ordinary air in tires is about 20% oxygen and water is a component of oxygen. While the water in the air is beneficial for living things its not so great for mechanical components. The presence of water increases the chances for rust, corrosion, rot and condensation.

Filling your tires with air from a compressor also introduces trace amounts of oil and water vapor. Oxygen also has a very small molecular composition which allows for air to seep through your tires. A typical tire can loose anywhere from one to three psi per month. On the other hand Nitrogen has none of those characteristics and is a much better choice for use in tires.

The NitroFill™ system cleans and filters out the bad components and inflates the tires with Nitrogen. Now you can extend the life of your tires, prevent against tire failure, maintain proper inflation and improve fuel economy with NitroFill from Longhorn Ford.

NitroFill™ Auto Club Benefits

  • 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery
  • Lost Key and Lockout Service 
  • Travel Benefits
  • Trip Routing Service
  • Theft and Hit & Run Protection
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • NitroFill Top Offs
  • Inflation Service Reminders

Ask your service advisor for details and join the NitroFill™ Auto Club today.

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